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Tim Maguire acclaimed to second term as Local 79 President

Tim Maguire has been acclaimed to a second three-year term as President of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) Local 79, which represents workers at the City of Toronto, Bridgepoint Hospital, and Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC).
Maguire became a CUPE Local 79 member in 1990 as a caseworker in what is now the Toronto Employment and Social Services Division at the City. He was first elected President in 2011 after serving as First Vice-President, Chief Steward, Unit Officer, and lead negotiator for several of CUPE Local 79’s Bargaining Units.
“I am honoured to continue my post as President of CUPE Local 79,” said Maguire. “Members of Local 79 are proud that the public services we provide are part of what make Toronto such a great place to live and work. Over the next three years, I will continue urging the City and other levels of government to invest in our communities by properly supporting those services.  Our union has also been working hard to increase our member engagement and I plan to continue that essential union-building activity.”
Under Maguire’s leadership, CUPE Local 79 has helped foster positive relationships with employers outside the traditional labour/management relationship, winning numerous awards from United Way Toronto for leadership in joint labour/management fundraising efforts. Maguire also showed the union’s commitment to constructive participation in public policy debates that affect our city. Under his leadership CUPE Local 79 published surveys showing that members opposed a downtown casino, supported a municipal budget based on community needs, and has been a strong voice urging the City and other levels of government to address Toronto’s growing crisis of inequality.
The union also invested heavily in its public outreach efforts, sponsoring community festivals across the city, and launching its “Taking Care of Toronto” advertisement campaign on television, the TTC and online to familiarize Torontonians with the services CUPE Local 79 members provide.
But Maguire singled out gapping (leaving positions unfilled) as the major issue negatively impacting proper service delivery to Toronto communities.
“Our city is growing, yet ongoing cuts and gapping prevent our members from delivering the level of services that our city needs,” said Maguire. “I look forward to working with Mayor-elect John Tory and City Council to renew the public services that Torontonians need and expect.”
CUPE Local 79 represents approximately 20,000 workers at the City of Toronto, Toronto Community Housing Corporation, and Bridgepoint Hospital. Local 79 members deliver a wide range of services, including: public health, planning, City Hall operations, employment & social services, cleaning, court services, ambulance dispatch, child care, 311, recreation programming, supportive housing, shelters, water & food inspection, and long-term care.
CUPE Local 79 Executive Committee (2015-2017)
President: Tim Maguire
First Vice-President: Nancy Murphy
Vice-President — Chief Steward: Jason Desjardins
Vice-President Equity: Ainsworth Hamilton
Recording Secretary: Sofia Reno
Membership Secretary: Linda Rose
Treasurer: Lily Chang

Unit Officers:

Unit Officers – City of Toronto Full Time: Garth Barry, Deb Dixon, David Kidd
Unit Officer – Unit B Part Time: To be filled
Unit Officer – Long–Term Care Homes and Services: Beverley Pike              
Unit Officer – Recreation Workers Part–Time: Alexandra Pinosa
Unit Officer – Bridgepoint Hospital Service Units: Van Nguyen
Unit Officer – Bridgepoint Hospital Nurses & Paramedical Units: Yasmin Makani
Unit Officer – Toronto Community Housing Corporation: Avaline Miller

Auditor Trustees:

Gail O’Hara (Chief Auditor)
Stella Coady
Catherine Urbanski
Executive Board Members:
Julia Barnett
Ruth Comfort
Keith Fiering
Rebecca Jageshar
Arokiadass John
Wendy Johnston
Sharon Llewellyn
Bevoria Martin-Clarke
Nina Megas
Mark Paar
Fred Shilson
Shelley Suffield
Fred Taylor
Zulema Young


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