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Every Child Deserves a Healthy Smile!

Healthcare professionals from Toronto Public Health Dental & Oral Health Services visit schools every year providing preventative dental care to children who would not otherwise have access to dental care. The service is free, as many can’t afford the cost.

But smiles might not be quite so bright next fall for as many as 15,000 Toronto kids. The province is planning changes to this program that would reduce funding next year and deny prevention services to as many as 15,000 children across the city.

At the end of the year, politicians claim they’ve saved money, but those savings come at the expense of services Toronto residents depend on, like public health, recreation programs, and 311 Toronto.

Toronto’s kids need healthy teeth.

Sign our petition and tell the province not to deny 15,000 kids free dental care. Funding should be restored to ensure access to this valuable service is not restricted.

Dental & Oral Health Services

Whereas Dental & Oral Health Services at Toronto Public Health provide critical support for the city’s most vulnerable populations – children, youth, seniors, shelter clients, Ontario Works participants, and their families;

Whereas the province announced in December 2013 its intention to integrate provincially funded dental programs for children;

Whereas the province has indicated it plans to remove clinical preventative oral health services from the Ontario Public Health Standard (OPHS), which would mean that as of August 2015, publicly funded dental prevention services will only be available to children and youth in families who can establish financial eligibility under the new integrated dental program;

Whereas the Medical Officer of Health has reported, “In 2013, 18,846 children received prevention services in TPH dental clinics under OPHS. Of those children, only 3,242 met HSO eligibility criteria. If prevention services are removed from the OPHS and the current eligibility for Healthy Smiles Ontario is applied, only children eligible for the new integrated program will receive prevention services. Based on 2013 data, approximately 15,600 children in Toronto will not have access to provincially funded prevention services.”;

Whereas we strongly support the Medical Officer of Health’s recommendation that the province be urged not to follow through on changes to the Ontario Public Health Standard that could potentially make over 15,000 children ineligible for provincially-funded oral health services.

Therefore, we the undersigned call on the Provincial Government to restore clinical preventative oral health services from the Ontario Public Health Standard (OPHS), thereby ensuring.

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