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Bargaining with the City of Toronto

As Local 79 bargains with the City of Toronto, members who work for the City should regularly check our secure Members’ Portal for updates and information. To date there have been 5 Bargaining Bulletins posted in Members’ Portal under the “Bargaining Information” heading.

Note: Because information in the Members’ Portal is catered to members’ individual work circumstance, Local 79 members who are not City employees (from Bridgepoint Hospital and Toronto Community Housing) will not find  updates about City bargaining.

In response to the City’s unfortunate start to the bargaining process in which they filed a frivolous complaint against Local 79, CUPE Local 79 President Ann Dembinski issued a media release in response: City Stonewalling to blame for bargaining delays, says CUPE 79 President Ann Dembinski.




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