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Budget 2013: Get Ready to Fight Cuts

*Member Mobilization meetings are taking place the week of December 10th. Click here to see times/locations.

Once again the City has sounded a false alarm with the 2013 Budget numbers declaring a state of economic crisis here in Toronto. The ‘so-called’ opening pressures on the Operating Budget have been calculated to scare people into thinking that without cuts to services the City will be in deep financial trouble.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

A few months down the road the City will, once again, report that they have found millions of surplus dollars. This has happened every year for a decade. After delivering a budget cutting jobs and services, the City miraculously finds millions of dollars in additional revenue. But the City never uses the surplus money to restore the cuts to services.

It is expected that the City’s surplus this year will be about $400 million, but the budget talk is all about more cuts. The City Manager’s budget presentation indicated that the ongoing Service Efficiency Studies will bring about more contracting out and cuts.

The 2013 Budget imposes harsh cuts ($7 million) on recreation programming. Division after Division is under scrutiny to come up with ‘efficiencies’ and savings. This potentially could mean the threat of museum closures and cutbacks to environmental programs, among others.

There needs to be a completely different approach to the City budget. It should be based on real numbers and built from there. The budget must reflect community needs and provide the public services that people depend on.

Over the coming weeks CUPE Local 79 will be closely monitoring and reviewing the specifics of the 2013 Budget and we will continue to keep our members updated.

We’ve also launched a Budget Campaign and we need you to get involved.

If you’re willing to be part of our Budget Campaign (you can decide your level of participation), sign into the Members’ Portal and register for the “Budget Campaign” under the Events Tab.

We will also be setting up a series of workplace information sessions on the 2013 Budget, so please check the Members’ Portal and Events section of our website for more details.

In solidarity,

Tim Maguire
President, CUPE Local 79



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