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City honours Local 79 members with Health & Safety Award

Congratulations to all Local 79 members working in the Shelter Support and Housing Administration Division, and the Facilities Management Division. At the recent 14th Annual Joint Health and Safety Recognition event, the Shelter Support and Housing Administration Division was awarded the Dr. Sheela Basrur Health and Safety Award. This award is given annually to a City Division that has contributed significantly to improved health and safety performance and programming within the past year through joint management-labour efforts.

At the same event, the Facilities Management Division was awarded the Domenic Mele Award for Health and Safety. This is given annually to individuals or groups who make a significant contribution to the City’s goal of achieving a strong health and safety culture and a “Zero Injuries” workplace.

Local 79 really appreciates the remarks made by Councillor Janet Davis, Chair of the City’s Occupational Health and Safety Coordinating Committee, during the presentation of these two awards at City Council. She thanked the Joint Health and Safety Committees for their dedication and applauded the role that Unions play. You can watch her speech in the video below.


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