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  • Address:34 St Patrick St, Toronto, ON M5T 1V1
  • Phone:416 977-1629
  • Fax:416 977-9546
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If you are a Local 79 member who needs assistance with a workplace issue, please call: 416-977-1629 ext. 244/557/258.

You can also email

Tor Sandberg

416 977-1629 ext. 509

Jason Desjardins

416-977-1629 ext. 236
Portfolio: City Hall, East York Civic Centre, Engineering (Construction Services), Metro Hall, North York Civic Centre, TCHC/TSHC, Toronto Public Health, Urban Forestry.

Melinda McLean

416-977-1629 ext. 225
Portfolio: Children’s Services, Court Services, EMS, Etobicoke Civic Centre, PMMD, Tech Services, TESS, York Civic Centre.

Chris Spataro

416-977-1629 ext. 584
Portfolio: Community Recreation, CREM, EDCT, Facilities, Fleet, Parks, Solid Waste, Toronto Water, Transportation.

Andrew Walker

416-977-1629 ext. 239
Portfolio: 703 Don Mills, 1530 Markham Rd., Bridgepoint, MLS, Scarborough Civic Centre, SSTLC, SSHA, Toronto Buildings, TESS

Mary Grace Marquez (covering downtown)

416-977-1629 ext. 251

Denise Jackson (covering Etobicoke/York)

416 977-1629 ext. 227

Cheryl Robb (covering North York)

416-977-1629 ext. 233

Carleen Blissett (covering Scarborough)

416-977-1629 ext. 226

Carleen Blissett

416-977-1629 ext. 226

Nas Yadollahi,  President

416.977.1629 ext. 346

Keith Fiering, First Vice-President

416.977.1629 ext. 260

Aimee Carnell, Vice-President – Chief Steward

416.977.1629 ext. 229

Brigett Coleman, Vice-President Equity

416.977.1629 ext. 342

Coline Babin, Recording Secretary

416.977.1629 ext. 245

Fred Shilson, Membership Secretary

416.977.1629 ext. 222

Shannon Berseth, Treasurer

416.977.1629 ext. 213

Lloyd Campbell

416-977-1629 ext. 340

Portfolio: Parks, Forestry & Recreation; Toronto Water; SSHA – Seaton House; 311 Toronto; Economic Development and Culture; Housing Secretariat; Revenue Services; Pensions, Benefits & Payroll; Solid Waste Management.

Anthony Fernandes

416-977-1629 ext. 259

Portfolio: Seniors Services & Long Term Care,  Municipal Licensing, Standards,  Corporate Real Estate Management; Fleet Services; Engineering & Construction Services.

Amanda Osborne

416-977-1629 ext. 336


Shelter, Support & Housing Administration; Toronto Paramedic Services/Fire; Children’s Services; Purchasing & Materials Management; Real Estate Services; Social Development, Finance & Administration; Policy, Planning, Finance & Administration.

Jeremy Jaber

416-977-1629 ext. 286

Portfolio: Toronto Public Health; Employment & Social Services,  Transportation Services; Courts; Buildings,  Technology Services; Legal Services;  City Clerk’s Office,  City Planning.

Rob Carnell

(Responsible for: Children’s Services; 311 Toronto; CREM; PF&R Unit B employees; Scheduling Project, Shelter, Support & Housing Administration; Toronto Public Health; Toronto Paramedic Services/Fire; Development & Culture; Toronto Courts; Purchasing & Materials; Ferry Docks & Islands.)

416-977-1629 ext. 556

Jit Singh

416-977-1629 ext. 330

Dave Colosimo (Acting)

416-977-1629 ext. 238

Joel Leotaud

416-977-1629 ext. 588