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CUPE Local 79 Calls for TCHC to Be Brought Under Direct City of Toronto Management

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – March 3, 2011) – The Canadian Union of Public Employee (CUPE) Local 79, City of Toronto inside workers, is calling for TCHC to be brought under direct management of the City.

“We’ve always said there were efficiencies to be found if TCHC were directly managed by the City of Toronto,” said Ann Dembinski, president of CUPE Local 79 that represents 375 members employed at TCHC. “We believe there are significant savings to be found by eliminating duplicate layers of management bureaucracy.”

“By being under direct control of the City there would be increased transparency and accountability. There have been far too many Board of Directors’ meetings held ‘in camera’ at TCHC and its subsidiaries,” Dembinski said.

“Housing is a basic human need, and privatization of the TCHC is not the way to go,” she concluded.



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