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CUPE Local 79 is with Jagmeet

Local 79 President Tim Maguire has announced that CUPE Local 79 is endorsing Jagmeet Singh for Leader of Canada’s NDP. Read Tim’s letter to Local 79 members about this endorsement.

Dear Local 79 members:
The next leader of the NDP will be charged with refreshing and growing our party’s base to offer Canada a better choice in the next election. We need a strong advocate who puts forward an inclusive vision of Canada, with bold ideas that will make a difference in our everyday lives.
I and my fellow leaders and activists at CUPE Local 79 are excited to announce that we are supporting Jagmeet Singh because he is the best candidate for this task.
Join CUPE 79 in supporting Jagmeet Singh for Leader of Canada’s NDP. Commit your support to Jagmeet here: 
Jagmeet has a deep understanding of how inequality is threatening Canadian life. His courageous platform puts social justice at the core of every policy. He has the most concrete plan for creating decent jobs and is unwavering in his support of expanding much needed public services such as childcare. Both are essential elements for a more equitable Canada.
Jagmeet will get our cities back on track with investments in affordable housing, transit, and social infrastructure, funded through a tax plan that makes sure corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share.
Jagmeet’s ability to reach out to youth and new Canadians, matched with his strategy to regain urban and suburban ridings, will set the NDP on the path to win the next election.
Then, together, we can make Canada a country where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.
CUPE Local 79 represents approximately 20,000 members who work both full-time and part-time at various Toronto civic centres as nurses, planners, clerks, social service employees, cleaners, court services staff, ambulance dispatchers, child care workers and many other occupations.
I’m encouraging all our CUPE Local 79 members to come together in support of Jagmeet Singh as the next leader of the federal NDP.
We hope that you will join us.
Please take a moment and commit to vote Jagmeet for NDP Leader here:
In Solidarity,
Tim Maguire
President, CUPE Local 79


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