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CUPE Local 79 meets thousands of residents during summer awareness campaign

Local 79 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees is heading into Labour Day buoyed by a successful summer of its “Taking Care of Toronto” campaign.

The Local 79 team has been a regular fixture at summertime events – giving away water bottles and sunscreen, and inviting residents to cool off in the misting tent, while educating them on the services Local members deliver daily at the City, the Toronto Community Housing Corporation and Bridgepoint Hospital.

“This summer we’ve connected with thousands of Torontonians from every corner of our City,” said Tim Maguire, President of Local 79, “It’s given us an opportunity to talk to them about the work our members do delivering services they depend on.” He added that the response from Toronto residents has been overwhelmingly positive.

Currently the Local 79 team can be seen at Celebrate Yonge, where it will soon expand its role in the event by providing activities and programming for kids in “The Funway”.

Maguire noted that talking with the public about services Local 79 members provide is timely as City Council is set to review service delivery in a number of key areas this fall including childcare, shelters, long-term care and recreation programing – where the Local’s members are the frontline staff.

“There is an important discussion about to take place at the City, through service reviews and the 2013 budget process, about how we provide these services,” Maguire commented. “This campaign helps us build a stronger relationship with communities so that we can work together to ensure that the City continues to provide high quality, accessible services.”

The “Taking Care of Toronto” campaign team has participated in over ten events attended by more than three million people this summer, including the Pride Parade, the Festival of South Asia, the Caribbean Carnival, and the Taste of the Danforth. The campaign was also supported by transit advertising on shelters and buses depicting Local 79 members at work delivering services to children, seniors and youth.

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Tor Sandberg: 416-655-8338


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