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CUPE Local 79 votes to affiliate with Canada's New Democrats

TORONTO, ONTARIO–  Canada’s largest local union has voted to affiliate with Canada’s New Democrats.

At a general membership meeting this week, members of Local 79 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE 79) voted unanimously to affiliate with the federal New Democratic Party (NDP).

“Our members understood that they can’t sit on the sidelines during the upcoming Federal Election, and they supported the leadership’s recommendation to formally affiliate with the NDP,” said Tim Maguire, President of CUPE 79.

“Whatever the level, politics and policies matter. And in this upcoming election, there is no question which party has the best plan for the people we serve and the best plan for our members, and that party is Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats,” he added.

Maguire said the decision to affiliate stems from a careful review of the three major political parties’ stances on a wide range of issues including the adequate funding of health care, child care, support for a decent minimum wage for Canadian workers, and ensuring corporations pay their fair share of taxes, to name just a few.

“The NDP is the only major party on the Federal landscape with a plan to ensure quality child care is affordable and accessible for all Canadian families. Only the NDP is arguing that corporations need to pay their fair share of taxes rather than hiding profits in offshore accounts. When the time comes, we will be urging our members to support the NDP when they mark their ballot and in the weeks prior to Election Day,” said Maguire.

“We’ve seen it in Quebec and we’ve now seen it in Alberta-New Democrats are increasingly seen by Canadians as a viable, principled alternative that is ready to govern. Ontarians now have an opportunity to join this ‘Orange Wave’ and CUPE 79 is proud to support Tom Mulcair and Canada’s New Democrats,” he added.

CUPE 79 is Canada’s largest local union, representing 20,000 City of Toronto, Toronto Community Housing Corporation and Bridgepoint Health employees.

Tim Maguire
CUPE 79 President

Kevin Wilson
CUPE Communications


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