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Dear Jack: Together we remember

Tim sits with Local 79 Membership Secretary Linda Rose and First Vice-President Nancy Murphy

Dear Jack,

Thank you. On behalf of more than 20,000 members of CUPE Local 79 – we will always remember how hard you worked for the people of this City and the services our members provide.

You reminded us all of the importance of not only fighting for social justice – but also of engaging in politics with civility and respect.

What a City this would be, what a country this could be, if decision-makers stopped to think, “What would Jack do?”

Local 79 President Tim Maguire and Equity Vice President Ainsworth Hamilton

Today we remember you as a person of great dignity, providing us all with a sense of hope. Yes you were taken from us far too early, but thousands of people across this land came together after your loss – many to take up your cause.

And then there were those inspirational words you left behind to help us – to keep us together.

Your final words continue to inspire us to change the world. Jack you and your final words have changed the world.

Local 79 Unit Officer Sandra Higginson

Merci Jack!

Local 79 Unit Officer Jason Desjardins
Local 79 Unit Officer Garth Barry

See Tim’s video message for the Dear Jack website!


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