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Families Will Pay More for Services or Go Without

CUPE Local 79 says women will bear the brunt of privatization and downsizing

TORONTO, ONTARIO–(Marketwire – July 20, 2011) – CUPE 79 presented today to the Community Development and Recreation Committee on Mayor Ford’s consultants’ Core Service Review.

“Families will have to pay more or go without services for seniors and children if any of these so-called options are acted upon,” stated Ann Dembinski, CUPE 79 President.

The Committee was reviewing the options on the table at the CDRC meeting that included selling off Toronto’s Long Term Care Homes to the private sector, ending community based programs for seniors, eliminating child care spaces and recreational services.

 “The city has a responsibility to provide quality services that all residents can enjoy and afford, but that is not the case for the private sector,” said Dembinski. “It is especially alarming that taxpayers dollars, currently used to provide quality public services, would end up supporting the bottom line of some private corporation.”

CUPE 79 is also warning of the particularly negative effect Ford’s Core Service Review will have on women. Women are the primary caregivers in families dealing with both senior parents and children. Women also make up the vast majority of workers in Long Term Care Homes and City child care centres.

“Women, who are the primary family caregivers and the majority of workers who do these jobs, will see their costs go up and their incomes degraded. To add insult to injury, Ford is also proposing to eliminate pay-equity provisions,” Dembinski added.


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