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On October 27, VOTE to Fill the Gap!

We pay taxes for services we depend on. But there’s a dirty secret at Toronto City Council: The City has delayed hiring about 3,000 frontline jobs needed to deliver services – a practice called gapping.

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What is gapping?

It works like this: a job vacancy occurs and instead of moving promptly to fill it, the City stalls hiring – for months or sometimes years.

Politicians claim they’ve saved money at the end of the year, but those savings come at the expense of services Toronto residents depend on, like public health, recreation programs, and 311 Toronto.

We need to fill this gap – and you can help. Ask the candidate in your ward to sign a pledge and take two steps to refocus the budget on investing in our communities:

  1. End the dishonest cost-cutting practice of “gapping”, where positions are left vacant and needed workers aren’t hired to deliver the services promised in the budget for sometimes up to two years!
  2. Forge a new model for budget development that begins by examining community priorities, and creates a budget to meet those needs.

On Election Day, October 27, support the candidates who have signed up!