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Good Jobs TO

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We live in a great city, but some of us are barely hanging on. Good jobs are getting harder to find.

Send-an-email-to-Mayor-John-ToryOver half of us don’t have the stable and secure jobs we need to support our families, participate in our communities, and plan for our futures — jobs with predictable shifts, decent wages, and benefits that we can rely on.

No wonder Toronto has become the most unequal city in Canada.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Toronto can be a leader in creating good jobs.

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  • $15 and Fairness — We’re fighting for a $15 minimum wage & fairness at work in Ontario. Join us!
  • Equal Pay Coalition — Right now women working part-time get paid 31.5% less than their male counterparts. We are seeking equal pay for work of equal value, and you can help.


The City of Toronto is one of the region’s largest employers, and purchases billions of dollars in goods and services every year. The City can leverage its employment practices and its buying power to have a huge impact on job quality in this city.

As part of the TO Prosperity: Toronto Poverty Reduction Strategy, the City has already committed to:

  • Championing living wage standards across the city so that people are paid enough to support a good quality of life.
  • Setting better job standards – such as reliable shifts and guaranteed minimum hours of work, secure employment and benefits – for City jobs, City contractor jobs, and procurement processes.
  • Creating a community benefit program for major capital investments in infrastructure like transit or affordable housing to create stable and secure jobs for local residents.
  • Supporting efforts to strengthen provincial employment standards.

The evidence is clear: stable and secure jobs make for more productive and successful workplaces, healthier communities, and stronger local economies. But we all know the most important thing – good jobs make better lives.

CUPE Local 79 is working with the communities we serve every day to call on our city leaders to build good jobs and better lives. Join us!

Send a letter to Mayor John Tory about what he can do to help make better jobs in the City of Toronto.

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