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Help us find the stars of our next public engagement campaign!

Three years ago, we began a public engagement campaign that showed how Local 79 members are “Taking Care of Toronto.”

In the next phase of our campaign, we’re giving Torontonians the chance to champion the city services that they hold dear. And we’re asking you to be one of our casting directors!

Do you know a member of the public – a friend, family member or neighbour – who cherishes a city service and wants to tell the world? Would they be willing to be interviewed, photographed and recorded on video, sharing their enthusiasm for that service?

If selected, these public service champions will sign a waiver giving us permission to use their images or quotations for the campaign, and be available for key dates in July/August.

So let the talent search begin! Ask your public service champion to email with their name, a photo, contact information and the public service they’re hoping to celebrate. Candidates will be selected by Friday, July 24th at 5:00 p.m.



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