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Hundreds rally in support of Bridgepoint Hospital workers

On May 30, hundreds of CUPE Ontario members marched up to Mount Sinai Hospital to join Local 79 for a rally to support Bridgepoint workers, who are being mistreated by their employer: Sinai Health Systems.
CUPE Local 79 has been working towards negotiating a fair collective agreement for our Bridgepoint Hospital nurses, paramedical and service workers who have been without a contract for three years. Unfortunately, negotiations are not going well. Sinai Health System is proposing offensive concessions and has stalled talks by cancelling future bargaining dates and using other delay tactics.
Join us in calling on Dr. Gary Newton, the President and CEO of Sinai Health System, to get his team back to the bargaining table to negotiate a fair deal. Email him at and tell him that no one wins when frontline workers are treated this way.
Watch Local 79 Recording Secretary Fred Shilson and Local 79 President Dave Mitchell give impassioned messages at the rally!



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