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Instructions on registering for General Membership Meetings virtually

Every month (except July, August and December), Local 79 holds a General Membership Meeting to update members on workplace issues and union business.

To attend these meetings virtually, you’ll need to use video-conferencing software Zoom. You must have a Zoom account in order to register for the meeting, which you can obtain at Once signed up, you will receive and email from Zoom ( and you will need to click “Activate Account”.

Once you have your Zoom account, use the link in the monthly Notice of Meeting or in the Members’ Portal to pre-register for the meeting (a requirement for entry to the meeting).

We ask that you join the meeting at least 15 minutes early so we may sign you in before the meeting begins.

If you do not know how to use Zoom, please click here for instructions.


  • It is very important that you register and join the meeting via your own unique link or unique telephone numbers provided to you or through the Members’ Portal, as opposed to using someone else’s as you will not be credited with attending the meeting even though you were present. You will also need to identify who you are if your name is not fully listed. This is no different than an in-person meeting where no one else but you can sign-in and speak on your behalf.
  • If you participate via telephone, you will not be able to vote on any motions or elections (this does not apply to by-elections). The polling function only works for those who join the meeting through the online Zoom interface.