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Bob Cutz pointing

Introducing Bob Cutz, the face of our new campaign

We all know of the cuts-at-all-costs politician. Or the cranky relative who believes that public services are a waste.

But what would happen if these characters came face-to-face with the people who deliver these services and had the chance to see and experience firsthand the value they bring to our communities? Our new campaign, featuring fictitious Toronto City Councillor Robert Cuttingham (nicknamed Bob Cutz), aims to illustrate that scenario.  

A made-for-television advertisement, which begins airing today on CTV, CP24 and Citytv and will continue for the next two weeks, follows Councillor Cutz as he announces his cost-cutting plans. He asks how hard it can be to provide services like child care, long-term care or water testing and embarks on a mission to do it himself. The ad directs viewers to our website where we feature three multimedia stories that follow Councillor Cutz’ journey:

Episode 1 is a radio ad (airing on AM1010 for three weeks starting January 13th) showcasing Councillor Bob Cutz looking for cost savings in food health inspection.

He meets Local 79 member and Public Health Food inspector Elizabeth Kuly – who explains the importance of her work despite Bob’s faith in the 3-second rule.

Bob vs Health Inspectors

Episode 2 has Councillor Cutz looking to recreation programs to “save the city some damn money”. That’s where he meets Sheerah Daly, a CUPE Local 79 member and City recreation worker, to investigate what’s so special about dance. Aggressive and confident that this City-funded recreation program should be cut, Bob Cutz has a change of heart when he discovers that recreation programs, like dance, benefit more than just our physical well-being.

Episode 3 (launching January 16) shows Bob showcasing his ideas for how to optimize child care. This episode highlights the politician’s incompetence as his service-cutting mission creates an emergency that he has to solve…in real-time.  

We encourage you to look over our new and improved website and its campaign page “People Who Care”, which details all the wonderful ways that our members care for Toronto.  

You’ll also be able to find our campaign on the TTC in stations and on outside shelters.
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