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January 2014 President's Report (TCHC)

Dear Local 79 Sisters and Brothers at TCHC:

First of all, I would like to wish you and your families a happy and healthy New Year. I’m really looking forward to working together to face any challenges we may face in 2014!

I want to thank members for your extraordinary efforts displayed as you helped “Take Care of Toronto” during the ice storm.
Your commitment to providing services, no matter what challenges the adverse weather conditions brought, made all the difference. Local 79 members make us so proud every day of every year, but especially under the extraordinary circumstances you faced during the unprecedented 2013 ice storm! (Please read my entire message to our members on the Local 79 website.)

Last month’s ice storm is a wake-up call on how valuable city services are, and how after years of cuts it’s time for the City to invest more in programs which can benefit the city’s children, youth and newcomers.

Local 79 recently sent a letter to all Full-Time members at TCHC regarding the new benefits carrier. I want to emphasize that Local 79 did not have any input into the decision-making on this issue. This change was instituted by management and was their decision alone. Our members had reported to us that they were not receiving the proper benefit entitlement. This has now been corrected. The Local has been meeting, and continues to meet with the employer to discuss the issues that members have raised with us regarding the payment of benefits.

We work hard at Local 79 to get our members special offers and savings from different businesses in Toronto. Please visit the Members’ Portal on the Local 79 website to find out the latest information on companies that want Local 79 members as customers, and are offering us discounts as an incentive.

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Several occasions present themselves next month to celebrate our rich cultural diversity. A number of communities will be celebrating Black History Month, and Lunar New Year, and February 15th is National Flag of Canada Day. Local 79 is proud to have a membership that so well reflects the rich diversity of the City of Toronto. We extend our best wishes to all our members and their families and hope they enjoy the many events connected to these festivities. (For additional information please see the Local 79 website.)

Lastly, members are reminded that union dues are tax deductible. The Local 79 office receives numerous inquiries regarding this issue and wants to ensure that all our members claim this deduction when they complete their 2013 income tax return.

In Solidarity,

Tim Maguire



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