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Jennifer Leung: Honouring 25 years of service

Jennifer Leung is celebrating her 25th Anniversary as Local 79's bookkeeper.

Today we were happy to celebrate Jennifer Leung’s 25th anniversary as staff of Local 79.

Jennifer has been our bookkeeper, and seen our Local change tremendously over the years, as membership grew more than two-fold and met changing technological and bookkeeping needs.

Throughout the growth, Jennifer has continued to manage all the the bookkeeping of the Local and has handled all the Local’s supply needs. And has done an outstanding job throughout.

Jennifer has been an important part of CUPE Local 79’s history, having been present at three different Local 79 locations over the years.

Here at Local 79, we feel that Jennifer is one of the most approachable, friendly and compassionate people you’ll ever meet.

Congratulations Jennifer!

Tim Maguire presents Jennifer with a watch for her 25 years of service.
Jennifer cuts into her 25th Anniversary of service cake!


















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