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Watch our Webinars on the City Budget

The City Budget process has begun. Find out how that process unfolds and how it affects you.

Local 79 has teamed up with Social Planning Toronto to produce a webinar that explains the City Budget process and what you can do to mobilize for a better budget.

There are 3 separate webinars for each of the City’s Divisional clusters.

Cluster 1

Affordable Housing Office
Children’s Services
Court Services
Economic Development & Culture
Emergency Medical Services
Employment & Social Services
Long-Term Care Homes & Services
Parks, Forestry & Recreation
Public Health
Shelter, Support & Housing Administration
Social Development, Finance & Administration
Toronto Office of Partnerships

Cluster 2

City Planning
Engineering and Construction Services
Fire Services
Major Capital Infrastructure Coordination Office
Municipal Licensing & Standards
Office of Emergency Management
Policy, Planning, Finance & Administration
Solid Waste Management Services
Toronto Building
Toronto Water
Transportation Services
Waterfront Secretariat

Cluster 3

311 Toronto
Environment & Energy
Facilities Management
Fleet Services
Real Estate Services
Corporate Finance
Finance & Administration
Financial Planning
Information & Technology
Accounting Services
Pension, Payroll & Employee Benefits
Purchasing and Materials Management
Revenue Services
City Clerk’s Office
Legal Services
Auditor General
Equity, Diversity and Human Rights
Executive Management
Human Resources
Internal Audit
Strategic Communications
Strategic & Corporate Policy


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