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Let's make TCHC the housing provider tenants deserve

2011311-tchcTransforming TCHC into the kind of housing provider tenants deserve starts with proper funding to make repairs in a timely manner and provide appropriate supports to meet tenants’ needs. The City should also look to bring long-needed stability to TCHC, reforming the structure carefully to improve accountability and decentralize decision-making to allow front-line workers to be more responsive to tenants.
Unfortunately, Mayor Tory’s Task Force on Toronto Community Housing is recommending changes that will further destabilize the already troubled organization by transferring our social housing to other providers who have no money to fix the problems, leaving tenants and workers vulnerable.
CUPE Local 79 is meeting and working with front-line members at TCHC, social housing advocates, councillors and tenants to recommend a better way.
To read Local 79’s response to the TCHC Task Force’s recommendations, click on one of the options below.
Summary of Local 79’s response to TCHC Task Force
Full report of Local 79’s response to TCHC Task Force
— Watch Tim Maguire’s deputation to the City’s Executive Committee on June 28th.



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