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Local 79 celebrates Black History Month

Local 79 Vice President Brigett Coleman is planning an exciting celebration for this year’s annual Black History Month celebration, featuring keynote speakers, entertainment and light refreshments. Members are encouraged to find more details and register for the event in our Members’ Portal.

Our distinguished keynote speakers for for our Black History Month event (pictured above) are Rosemary Sadlier, an Order of Ontario recipient, social justice advocate, researcher, writer, and international speaker on Black History, anti-racism, and women’s issues. Joining her is Akil Augustine, a graduate of Seneca College’s Radio & Television Broadcast Journalism Program, currently a MLSE digital content producer and online host for the Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto FC.

Beyond Black History Month, Local 79’s Executive is thrilled to unveil an ongoing commitment to equity and inclusion. Get ready for a year filled with empowering programming that celebrates diversity, fosters unity, and builds a stronger, more inclusive community for all members.

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