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Local 79 joins coalition to highlight City Budget's gender inequity

This year Local 79 joined allies in promoting City Councillor Kristyn Wong-Tam’s push to examine the impacts of the City Budget under a gender equity lens. We joined a communications strategy that used social media to comment on how the City’s budget cuts affect women and families, using the hashtag #GenderEquityTO.
On January 10th, our very own Local 79 member from Parks, Forestry and Recreation — Laura Aversa (pictured back centre) — joined a press conference to describe how cuts to recreation programs, while 189,467 people are already on waitlist for recreation programs, will disproportionally affect the lives of women and their families.
The coalition is urging everyone to join the campaign by using the #SnapTheBudget hashtag when sharing a photo of how the budget is failing them.


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