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Local 79 joins thousands at Rally for Rights and Democracy

On January 26th, 2013, CUPE Local 79 was proud to join over 25,000 union activists in the Rally for Rights and Democracy

Two large groups gathered in rallies at Moss Park and Allen Gardens before marching to Maple Leaf Gardens, where the Ontario Liberal Party was holding its leadership convention.

The rally, with its historic turn-out, sent a strong message to the Ontario Liberal party to stop attacking the rights of workers — a particular concern after the Ontario Liberal government recently used legislation to quash the collective bargaining rights of teachers and teaching support staff.

Already, just days after the rally, we’ve seen a softening in the language from the Ontario Liberals.

But as the adage goes — actions speak louder than words — and until we see a fundamental shift in the way the Ontario Liberal government treats its public sector workers, we won’t quit applying pressure.

See a small clip of one of the rally’s groups gathering at Allen Gardens (above), and then take a look at our pictures from the event (below)!


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