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Toronto City Hall

Local 79 members overwhelmingly vote for strike mandate (Media Release)

Members of CUPE Local 79, which represents over 20,000 City workers, turned out in historic numbers on Friday to give their bargaining team a strike mandate in its negotiations with the City of Toronto. 90% of participants in Friday’s vote supported a strike mandate.

“City workers are expecting a contract that is fair and recognizes their hard work,” said Dave Mitchell, president of CUPE Local 79. “Our members took big hits in their last two contracts and this vote gives a clear signal that they won’t stand for more — they’ve had enough.” Negotiations for new contracts between the City of Toronto and CUPE Local 79 have been ongoing since early December.

Mitchell said the overwhelming backing of a strike mandate shows the bargaining team that it has strong support from the union’s membership to push for a deal that is fair.

“We’re united and determined to negotiate a contract that recognizes our members’ dedication to delivering high quality services to Toronto’s communities”, said Mitchell.

CUPE Local 79 represents over 20,000 City of Toronto employees working in all City divisions, including homeless shelters, public health, inspectors, planners, transportation, childcare centres, employment and social services, recreation programs and long-term care homes.


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