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Local 79 rallies against cuts to Toronto Public Health

In late April, news leaked that Doug Ford planned to expand his attack on health care by slashing funding to public health units across Ontario. He has targeted Toronto with the worst of the cuts, slashing $1 billion dollars from Toronto Public Health over the next 10 years.
Public health services affect every aspect of life in Toronto. From student nutrition programs, restaurant inspections, vaccination and sexual health clinics, emergency response to epidemics, water quality testing and so much more.
There is no wisdom in these cuts. The evidence shows that the best way to maintain a healthy population, and to cut health care costs, is to invest in prevention.
For every dollar spent on vaccinations  we save $16 in health care costs. For every dollar on tobacco prevention, we save $20. These are amazing returns on investment – and these programs save lives. Preventative health care is also the best way to end hallway medicine, something the Premier claims is a priority.

On April 30, Local 79 joined a massive rally at Queen’s Park to protest the PC government’s attack on public health care. A pre-rally with CUPE workers was held at Sick Kids Hospital where Local 79 President Dave Mitchell made the case against these cuts (see below).

Our allies at Progress Toronto have also put together a fantastic campaign to combat the cuts to Toronto Public Health. They have already had over 7,000 people send a message to their MPP, Health Minister Christine Elliott and Premier Doug Ford and are right now making thousands of calls into 11 Conservative MPP ridings in Toronto telling their constitutents to speak out against these cuts. Click on the image below to add your name.



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