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Local 79 relaunches Good Jobs TO campaign

Local 79 has relaunched its Good Jobs TO campaign to remind Torontonians that over half the city’s workers don’t have stable, secure work — and there are ways to change that.
One strategy is to push the City of Toronto, one of the region’s largest employers and buyers of goods and services, to be a leader in good jobs by:

  • Setting decent work standards like a living wage, 2 week notice of shifts, and at least 7 paid sick days for its own workers and any contractor hired by the City.
  • Creating jobs for local residents as part of any major city building project like new transit and affordable housing.

Head over to to send a letter to Mayor John Tory to urge him to make the City of Toronto a leader in good jobs.
Our other strategy is to support Bill 148, The Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, which proposes to:

  • Raise the minimum wage to $15.
  • Ensure part-time and temporary workers are paid the same amount as full-time workers.
  • Give all workers two paid sick days and 8 additional unpaid sick days.
  • Provide basic job protections for more workers.

The business lobby is pushing back against Bill 148, which has to pass before any of this becomes law. Your voice can make a difference. Contact your MPP now at  Go to to find out more.


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