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Local 79 successfully pushes City to study impacts of understaffing at Public Health

On September 25, 2017 — Local 79 President Tim Maguire showed the City of Toronto’s Board of Health that Public Health will be 90 positions short of its approved complement in 2017, despite a growing population in Toronto that warrants growing services.

Maguire asked the Board of Health for the Medical Officer of Health to report on the full range of impacts that staffing constraints over the last six years, both in the approved complement and the level of gapping and vacancies, have had on service levels and employee working conditions at Toronto Public Health. We’re happy to report that the Board approved our motion, and we look forward to reviewing the findings and using them to create change at Toronto Public Health that will allow our members to provide the quality health services that Toronto’s communities deserve.

Watch Maguire’s presentation below, or read our Council Briefing note by clicking here.



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