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Local 79 wins commitment from City committee for a Job Quality Assessment Tool within 6 months

On Nov. 14, 2016, Local 79 President Tim Maguire and our allies won a commitment from the City’s Government Management Committee to develop and implement a Job Quality Assessment Tool within six months. Tim was joined by Local 79 member Rob Carnell, Deena Ladd from the Workers’ Action Centre, and Yogendra Shakya from Access Alliance. Together, they told the Committee about how contracting out and precarious employment hurt workers’ health, their families and the quality of service.
The long-promised tool would help protect against predatory contractors and support good jobs for vulnerable groups such as youth and newcomers. The tool should force employers – including the City – to provide predictable schedules, a living wage, and sick day benefits. It will be especially useful when considering the bids of contractors, such as the cleaning contracts on the table right now at the City.
Click here to read our Council Briefing Note.
Watch Maguire depute at the Committee:

Watch Local 79 member Rob Carnell depute about the effects of precarious employment on the life of his family and his colleagues:

Watch Deena Ladd from the Workers’ Action Centre talk about the importance of a Job Quality Assessment Tool for workers who are not unionized:

Watch Yogendra Shakya from Access Alliance talk about the health impacts of precarious work


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