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Local 79 sponsors 2nd Annual City Ball Hockey Tournament

On Saturday, March 28th, hundreds of kids got to enjoy a great day of ball hockey, pizza and fun at the 2nd Annual City Ball Hockey Tournament, held at the Better Living Centre.

This year’s annual tournament featured 16 teams of boy’s and girl’s ball hockey teams assembled from participating Community Recreation Centres. It was also Local 79’s second year as a sponsor for the event. Local 79 members acted as coaches, referees, scorekeepers, as well as staffing registration tables and helping serve pizza and juice. Teams also received medals and trophies at the conclusion of the tournament.

Local 79 is very proud to support this event—both through our sponsorship with City of Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation, and through the many hours of time our members give through their volunteer efforts to make this event a success.

At participating Community Recreation Centres, children aged 6-13 enrolled in the ball hockey programme learn the fundamentals of ball hockey, culminating in the tournament, where they are able to make new friends and connect with other young people from across the City of Toronto.

Take a look at our pictures below!


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