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Local 79's 2018-2020 Executive take office

CUPE Local 79’s 2018-2020 Executive have taken office. Click here to learn a bit about each member of the Executive Committee

Local 79 President Dave Mitchell ran on a plank of “members first” and says he plans to fulfill that promise by increasing Local 79’s responsiveness to members’ requests for support on grievances and WSIB/benefits-related issues. With bargaining continuing with the Toronto Community Housing Corporation later this month and less than two years before contract negotiations begin with the City of Toronto, Dave says Local 79 has work to do in order to properly prepare members.

“Our union’s strength rests on how empowered its members are about their ability to change their workplaces,” said Dave. “I plan to work hard on helping improve members’ understanding of the bargaining process and create more dialogue to better understand members’ needs.”

“I’m honoured to be elected President of CUPE Local 79 and look forward to working with members to improve our workplaces and the public services we provide.”



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