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Focus on longterm care & childcare at CUPE Ontario political action conference

This week, CUPE Local 79 President Tim Maguire and other union activists attended CUPE Ontario’s first political action conference.
Conference participants (pictured above) are coming away from their discussions to push two immediate actions.

  1. To make a care standard for nursing home residents. 
    Ontario funds long-term care at a lower level than just about any other Canadian province. The result of provincial underfunding is that there isn’t enough staff to provide residents with the care time residents need each day to live with dignity in Ontario nursing homes. Click here to sign on to the Time to Care campaign asking for a minimum of 4 hours of care per day per longterm care resident.
  2. End the childcare crisis.
    The federal government is currently planning its priorities for the 2018 federal budget, and we want to let them know that accessible, affordable, inclusive child care is our priority. Add your voice to Child Care for All’s campaign to make funding childcare a priority.



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