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Maguire deputes on contracting out of mechanics in Fleet Services

Local 79 President Tim Maguire told the City’s Government Management Committee yesterday that their plans to contract out mechanics that do maintenance in Fleet Services is ill-advised.
While Local 79 members aren’t being targetted by this proposed contracting out, we do have many members who rely on preventative maintenance to ensure they are able to safely deliver high-quality services to Toronto’s communities.
We still do not have a job-quality assessment tool and therefore don’t know what impact this contracting out will have on jobs and communities generally. In particular, Fleet Services has had considerable problems with previous contracting out; especially parts and inventory management, which was contracted to NAPA Auto Parts.
*UPDATE: Click here to read our Council Briefing Note on the high costs and service delays caused by previous contracting out.
Watch Tim’s deputation on YouTube below.



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