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Maguire on comments from Chair of Mayor’s Task Force on Child Care

Dear Members:

Today, the mayor’s task force on child care released its report on how to improve child care in Toronto. We are currently reviewing the report and recommendations carefully.

Already making the news, however, is something not even in the report.

Councillor Mammoliti, who chairs the mayor’s task force, announced yesterday that he would recommend the City pass responsibility for Toronto child care centres on to the province — something other members of the mayor’s taskforce were quick to distance themselves from.

Public response has also been swift. Child care experts were quick to criticize Councillor Mammoliti’s remarks, and I have already spoken to media about the recklessness of this announcement.

Families across Toronto that depend on city-run childcare services do not need this uncertainty. They deserve assurance that the quality services they depend on will be there when they need them.

Any solution to Toronto’s childcare challenges should be developed through a collaborative relationship with the province and the common goal of best serving Toronto’s families.

Please stay tuned for more updates.

In solidarity,

Tim Maguire
President, CUPE Local 79


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