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Mayor Ford Needs to Recant Misleading Statement

 “Public has a Right to Know the Truth” 

TORONTO, ONTARIO— CUPE 79 President, Ann Dembinski, calls on Mayor Ford to recant his statement that labour costs make up 80% of City budget.

“The public has a right to know the truth. Mr. Ford needs to correct the record immediately,” stated Dembinski, whose union represents the City of Toronto’s inside workers.

Mayor Ford made the statement that the City of Toronto spends 80% of its budget on labour costs on talk radio AM 640 last Friday. The real cost is 48% according to the City budget department. Toronto’s labour costs are less than cities like Calgary.

“Mayor Ford and budget chief Mike Del Grande need to make sure the public is getting the truth. Mr. Del Grande himself said he wanted the budget process to continue in an honest manner,” said Dembinski.

The city service review process is recommending downsizing, selling off, and the elimination of many services, including seniors’ homes and childcare, that many Toronto families depend on.

Dembinski added, “Mr. Ford needs to tell Toronto residents the truth before he starts eliminating services and ultimately downloading increased costs onto families.”




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