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Apply To Become a Steward

Stewards are the most visible face of the union. They’re on the front lines providing a vital link between the Local and its membership. The union couldn’t function without them. Stewards work closely with the Local 79 team to provide member support.

Stewards are:

  • Defenders of the rights outlined in the Collective Agreement
  • Someone to turn to for information and support when issues arise
  • Crucial in the grievance process: the key person who engages in problem-solving with management before the dispute is put into writing
  • The eyes and ears of the union in the workplace
  • Activists the Local may call on to assist in other campaigns in the interest of members

We need committed members to be nominated as Stewards. If you’d like to become a Steward or would like more information, please look for more details in the Steward’s Nomination Form which can be found in the Members’ Portal.