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National Nursing Week: May 7 -13

This year’s theme is “Nursing – The Health of Our Nation”, reflecting the positive impacts nurses make to the lives and well-being of Canadians.

Nursing Week provides Local 79 with the opportunity to honour the caring and dedication of our members who work as nurses in Public Health, Long-term Care Homes and Services, Shelter Programs, Bridgepoint Hospital and elsewhere. Members are invited to nominate their Local 79 colleagues working in the nursing field for one of five Peer Recognition Awards. Nominations should be forwarded by May 3rd to the Local 79 office by mail (34 St. Patrick Street, Toronto M5T 1V1), by fax (416-977-9546) or by e-mail to

On May 8th, two celebrations were held at the North York Civic Centre’s Council Chambers. Food and cake were served — and door prizes were handed out! Local 79 President Tim Maguire attended both events to honour our members who work as nurses and present the Peer Recognition Awards. We also had honoured guest Adeline Falk-Rafael present to speak.

Here is the text from Local 79 President Tim Maguire’s Nursing Week address:

Nursing – The Health of Our Nation

On behalf of Local 79 I want to thank you for your dedication to nursing and your commitment to the health and well-being of the public we serve. As health care workers your efforts enrich and maintain the well-being of all the residents of the City of Toronto as part of Canada’s publicly-funded, universal health care system.

The theme of Nursing Week this year is “Nursing – The Health of Our Nation”, and as nurses your work is at the heart of our health-care system.

As front-line health care workers your job is a hard one. Your work saves lives, and each and every one of you should realize how much your work is valued by our society.

You perform some of the most important work there is throughout the City – looking after our seniors, our children, the sick and the injured, the homeless, new mothers and their babies. You unfailingly provide comfort, kindness and hope for those who need it most.

Year after year you prove your dedication to nursing, and Local 79 will always stand beside you and continue to fight for improved staffing levels, resources and better working conditions.

We are proud of our nurses, wherever they may be; Bridgepoint Hospital, Homes for the Aged, Public Health, Shelter Housing and elsewhere. You put people first, and you have led the way in the fight for quality public healthcare.

Your life’s work is about helping people. On behalf of Local 79 you have our respect and our thanks.



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