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New TV ad shows Local 79 workers in action

Local 79 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, the Union representing Toronto’s inside workers, is launching a new television ad campaign aimed at increasing awareness of and support for its members and the services they deliver.

The ad follows a typical Toronto family through a day as they interact with and depend on services delivered by Local 79 members – ranging from childcare and long-term care to recreation programming at the City of Toronto. The ad’s voiceover concludes, “When you live here, you learn things. You learn how good life can be when we all look out for each other.”

Tim Maguire, president of Local 79, said the new ad is a continuation of an awareness campaign that saw the local participate in a series of Toronto community events throughout the summer. The ad also overlays ongoing efforts to engage and work with communities who want the City to maintain and improve services as it develops its budget for 2013.

“This ad shows some of the jobs our members perform, and it reminds folks that these services are important to them,” Maguire said. “At a time when the delivery of many of these services is being reviewed by this City administration, it is important to focus people’s attention on the things we are at risk of losing.”

Maguire noted the positive response during the summer events confirms that Toronto residents’ strong support for City services and employees seen during bargaining with the City in the Spring has continued.

“For many residents, the workers delivering the services are an important part of their support,” said Maguire. “Despite the challenging environment we find ourselves in with the City administration, Local 79 members will continue to do their best for Toronto, every day.”

The ad was released to media today and will begin airing on Toronto stations Monday, October 1 and will run until November 18.

For more information, please contact Katrina Miller at 647-272-5024.



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