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November 9: Rally to save the services that save us!

We’re helping the Ontario Health Coalition organize a massive rally to save our health care services from cuts, closures, and mergers. There will be live music, speakers, noisemakers, visual presentations, hot chocolate, snacks and more!
We need your help to mount an enormous amount of pressure on the Doug Ford government for a full reversal of the cuts.
Please come out on Saturday, November 9th at 11:30 a.m. in Nathan Phillips Square. Together, we can save the services that save us!

The Doug Ford government is planning to:

  • Cut Public Health funding and eliminate 25 out of 35 local Public Health Units, reducing our ability to prevent illnesses, promote health and keep people out of hospitals.
  • Eliminate 49 out of 59 local ambulance services and 12 of the 22 local dispatch centres, making these services much less responsive to local needs.
  • Cut public hospital funding, even though we have an overcrowding crisis and the fewest hospital beds left per person of any province in Canada.
  • Cut funding to long-term care homes, impacting elderly and chronic care residents.

These cuts pose real risks for Ontarians. We already have the fewest hospital beds left per person of any province in Canada and a crisis of hospital overcrowding. More cuts mean more service and staff cuts, longer wait times, privatization, and higher death rates.
We can achieve a full reversal on these cuts if we stand together and make it known that the people of Ontario care about the local services that many communities have spent decades building. Click here for the Facebook event page.


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