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Nursing: A Leading Force for Change – CUPE Local 79 celebrates Nursing Week

 CUPE Local 79 President Tim Maguire thanks City nurses.

The theme for this year’s Nursing Week – Nursing:  A Leading Force for Change – captures the value and importance of the work you do every day.  You lead by example.

You perform some of the most important work there is throughout the City.  You promote healthy living, provide training and education.  You work in vaccination clinics, communicable disease control, falls prevention, sexual health, prevention and early detection of disease — to name just a few areas of leadership and excellence.

You look after our seniors, our children, the sick and the injured, the homeless, newcomers, mental health and wellness, new mothers and their babies.  You unfailingly provide comfort, kindness and hope for those who need it most.

We are proud of our nurses, wherever they may be; Toronto Public Health, Bridgepoint Hospital, Long-term care, Shelters and elsewhere. You put people first, and you have led the way in the fight for quality public healthcare. 

Recently CUPE Local 79, after surveying our members, came out against a casino in Toronto.  So many detrimental effects of gambling would fall disproportionately on front-line workers in public health and social services.  The Medical Officer of Heath’s report sounded the alarm about the welfare of children in a problem gambler’s household, starting with child poverty and leading to other health-threatening behaviours such as substance abuse, emotional problems, and learning disorders.  As nurses you want our residents and communities to be healthy and stay healthy — that’s why saying no to a casino is so important.

On behalf of Local 79 I want to thank you for your dedication to nursing and your commitment to the health and well-being of all the people who call Toronto home. 

Your life’s work is about helping people.  On behalf of Local 79 you have our respect and our thanks.


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