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Festival of South East Asia

Saturday, July 6 & Sunday, July 7
Gerrard St. E., between Greenwood & Coxwell

Your pal Will is all about culture and diversity (one of the many traits that made me an impeccable mayor!). As such, you can bet your bonnet I shall be making my way to the TD Festival of South Asia. Oh the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes to be experienced! (all of the good kind, you can be assured). Singing, dancing, magic, talent shows, and myriad events promoting Indian, Afghan, Pakistani, Bengali, and Sri Lankan culture. Plus, those with an appetite for deliciousness (count me in!) shall indulge in exotic dishes from over 20 different restaurants – all priced from a mere one to six dollars. Time to feast!

In addition to soaking in the festivities, I shall be on hand to host my very own live talk show, titled Chill with Will. Expect it to be “epic,” as the youngsters a good century my junior would say. We’re talking a slick 19th-century talk show set, plus comedy, music, special CUPE 79 guests, and a healthy dose of rabble-rousing mayhem! Who says Craig Ferguson has the market cornered on high-energy Scotsman-hosted talk shows? Certainly not I!

Oh, and stick around to chat with yours truly: Toronto’s first mayor, William Lyon Mackenzie. I plan to mingle, pose for photographs, and engage in snappy banter, Rest assured, I shall be exactly as charming and whimsical as you’d imagine – if not more so!