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Mackenzie Musings

Lady Fate smiled down earlier this year, permitting I, our beloved city’s equally beloved first mayor, the opportunity to spend the summer in present-day Toronto. Thank you Toronto, for showing us the town. Please click here on this new-fangled hyperlink to read about our adventure.

As a journalist-turned-publisher-turned-politician, I’m nary one to shy away from public discourse! As such, permit me to regale you with responses to questions you undoubtedly have!

What was your vision for Government in Toronto?

At the risk of tooting my own horn, I fashion myself a fellow who fought for democracy, integrity, and accountability. You see, in my time as mayor, I singlehandedly created public service here in Toronto. How? By hiring the first three city employees, a vital step in developing a municipal government capable of responsibly assisting its residents! And given the world-class metropolis Toronto has since become, I dare say this idea of mine was nothing short of first-rate! Pish – no need to thank me!

How have times changed in Toronto?

Delightful question! From humble beginnings, Toronto has evolved into a remarkable place to live — one well beyond your pal Will’s expectations. We are a city brimming with both culture and diversity. A city that rises up to provide assistance to its elderly, infirm, and financially disadvantaged. A city focused on health, happiness, and productivity – giving each resident, young and old, the ability to contribute. How very proud this makes me!

Tell me more about Toronto’s commitment to public service.

Gladly! At the heart of this caring approach are Toronto’s hardworking public employees. Thousands of them, filling countless vital positions within our city’s communities. Long term care workers, public health nurses, housing coordinators, child care aides, educators, food services workers, lifeguards, building inspectors — the list continues practically ad infinitum!

So what’s your motivation for visiting 2013 Toronto?

So many motivations! To observe the fruits of my labours. To learn from Torontonians about their modern-day city, while regaling them with a tale or two of its storied history. And if there’s time, perhaps imbibe in a pint or two of your 21st century ale!