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Our solidarity with education workers is succeeding

This morning, we witnessed an incredible example of what happens when we utilize our union solidarity.

In the face of a rallies across Ontario and the threat of province-wide general strike, the Ontario Conservative government vowed to repeal its Bill 28 legislation, which imposed a contract on education workers and removed their Charter-protected right to collectively bargain — the most heinous anti-worker legislation we have seen in Ontario for decades — and said it would return to the bargaining table. 

This back peddling on the part of the Ontario Conservatives is in direct response to the actions that so many of you took part in over the last week — thank you for making your voices heard and standing in solidarity with education workers.

As negotiations are set to resume, we must keep up the pressure. 

This is an opportunity to drive home the notion that we won’t accept the exploitation of our CUPE family, nor attacks on our fundamental Charter rights. 

Please visit to keep up to date on what actions you can participate in and stay tuned for more updates on these negotiations.

In Solidarity,

Casey Barnett

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