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Aimee Carnell

Aimee has worked for the City for over 15 years in several roles in the Shelter, Support & Housing Division — most recently as a Client Service Worker. She has a background in Social Work and worked in the hospital sector for over 20 years.

Aimee has been a Steward for approximately 10 years, chaired Local 79’s Emergency Measures, Education and Social Committees, and been an active member of several other committees. Aimee has also previously been appointed as Local 79 Acting Treasurer and Part-Time Unit B Officer.

She brings a focus to her work on improving work environments, including workloads, shifts and facilitating the shift to full-time employment, and is proud of her most recent project on addressing workplace violence in the shelter system.

As Local 79’s Chief Steward, Aimee aims to support Local 79’s Unit Officers and Stewards to help them make positive change within their workplaces.


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