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Avaline Miller

Avaline Miller

Avaline Miller first became a Local 79 member in 2001 after her position as a senior collections officer at the Metro Toronto Housing Authority (MTHA) was downloaded from the Province and became part of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC). At MTHA, Avaline was an active member of OPSEU 592 and helped organize TCHC members in joining CUPE Local 79. She was elected Local 79 Vice-President Equity in 2017. Avaline first became involved in Local 79 as a member of the Joint Health and Safety Committee and the Joint Health and Safety Coordinating Committee. She was on the Bargaining Committee for the first Collective Agreement signed between CUPE Local 79 and TCHC in 2004 and has been on each Bargaining Committee ever since. She is a member of the Local 79 Education Committee, Health and Safety Committee, and has also been a member of the Grievance Committee. Avaline is passionate about health & safety and advancing social justice in the workplace. She has worked to advance anti-harassment awareness in the workplace through Bill 168 provisions and has represented several members at the Human Rights Commission. Avaline is a wife, a mother and a grandmother — and says that family always comes first.


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