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Keith Fiering

Keith has dutifully represented CUPE Local 79 members for over 15 years: at the bargaining table, as an organizer during the 2009 strike, and has been one of Local 79’s strongest health and safety advocates over many years.  As a long-standing Steward, Keith represented members at various levels of the grievance process, including at the OLRB (Ontario Labour Relations Board). Keith has also been active with CUPE Ontario and is an Auditor Trustee with the CUPE Toronto District Council.

Keith has put his skill sets to work in many different spaces within Local 79 as well as the broader labour movement in addressing members’ concerns with employers. In 2021, Keith was recognized with the CUPE National Health & Safety Award for his decade-long commitment to health and safety in the workplace. Keith has always advocated for better wages and working conditions for members, rooted in his sound understanding attained through years of engagement with them.


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