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Nas Yadollahi

Nas is a trade unionist and activist who immigrated to Canada with her family in 1987.  She became a City of Toronto Children’s Services employee in 1999 and in 2008 moved to Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division, where in 2015 she became a Youth Outreach Worker. She is a union Steward and has represented members at various stages of the grievance process including at Step 2 meetings as well as at the OLRB (Ontario Labour Relations Board). As a Local 79 Health & Safety Coordinator, Nas has been a strong advocate for workers’ rights and health and safety in the workplace. Alongside the many Local 79 committees, Nas was also re-elected as Auditor Trustee of CUPE’s Toronto District Council and is Co-Chair of CUPE Ontario’s Women’s Committee. Nas was elected to CUPE Ontario’s Executive Board at the 2022 CUPE Ontario Convention. Over the past year, she has worked to support CUPE locals across Ontario including during last year’s historic Education Workers Strike as they navigated various stages of the bargaining process. She prides herself in having supported dozens of strike lines and enjoyed solidarity campaigns with fellow CUPE members across Ontario. Nas believes that worker solidarity should be bound by our humanity and rooted in our common struggles and pursuit for justice, fair wages, safe and affordable living.

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