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Coline Babin

Coline is passionate about worker solidarity and is often seen on picket lines supporting other unions with coffee and donuts in hand. Coline has always believed that the power of a union resides in the hands of its members. Coline has been with the City of Toronto since 2014, working within Technology Services. Since that time she has represented and defended members as a Steward. Coline has worked tirelessly as a Health & Safety advocate where she stood with members during a work refusal for dangerous and unsafe work conditions. Coline has also conducted investigations into the causes of workplace injuries, and served on several Local 79 Committees, including Emergency Measures, Health and Safety, Human Rights, and WSIB. She is also active in CUPE Ontario, having been elected a member of the Toronto CUPE Ontario District Council, where she was previously elected to a term as an Auditor Trustee.


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