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Care about a safer Toronto?
So do we.
More than 500 of our members work to keep the city’s drinking water among the best in the world.
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We ensure Toronto’s countless rivers, streams and waterways are protected and pristine, keep our public beaches safe to swim in, and monitor businesses at risk of discharging pollutants into the sewer system.
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Toronto uses over 1,000,000,000 litres of water every day.

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The city’s tap water is continuously analyzed to ensure it meets three levels of strict standards: from Toronto Public Health, the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada.

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Toronto Water’s accredited lab tests drinking water every six hours — that’s over 6,000 times a year.

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Toronto’s 11 public beaches are tested for water quality every day from June through August.

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We make sure our city’s properties are safe to live and work in.

Toronto’s the fastest growing city in North America, with new buildings springing up every month. And our city is also filled with more than 8,000 heritage buildings that must be preserved and maintained. If any building or home ⁠— new or old ⁠— is unsafe, our members are there to make sure it’s fixed. We monitor construction sites to protect both passersby and the people who work on them, strengthen bylaw enforcement, give tenants better access to information and make sure Toronto’s buildings are kept up to code.
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Our members in Licensing and Standards conduct 200,000 inspections each year for property standards, zoning, noise, waste, buildings, parks and businesses.

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Property inspection officers have a 90% response rate to 24-hour emergency inspections.

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30% of Torontonians are renters. Toronto’s RentSafeTO program helps ensure they have a clean, safe and secure place to call home.

Now these vital services are under threat.
Now these vital services are under threat.

With thousands of people flocking to live here every year, and new construction projects springing up everywhere we look, Toronto’s growth shows no signs of slowing down. But the services our city provides can barely keep up.

We cannot allow public safety standards to fall behind. This means our city needs more inspectors, testers, and enforcement officers to reduce the burden on current positions and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Toronto deserves better. Help us continue to deliver the services our communities depend on.