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Shelter, Support & Housing Administration Workplace Issues Form

Local 79 and Shelter, Support & Housing Administration are undertaking joint Labour-Management Committee meetings. Meetings provide a forum for management and the union to discuss and resolve workplace issues not related to health & safety, bargaining or grievances.
Do you have workplace issues or concerns you would like to see discussed at Labour-Management? If so, please detail your concerns below.

Please provide your contact information. You may be contacted by a Local 79 member of the Labour/ Management Committee if clarification is required.
Don't know your City Councllor's email address? Click here to find out. Don't live in Toronto? Send your email to Mayor Ford instead at .
Enter the subject of the email that you'd like to send to your Councillor
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For additional workplace inquires please contact your Unit Officer.
Rob Carnell (PT): 416-977-1629 ext. 556
David Kidd (FT):   416-977-1629 ext. 251



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